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I am a writer, freelance journalist, and an editor with a keen interest in diverse forms of web and print content. I am based in Connecticut, USA. My professional experience includes but is not limited to journalistic writing, web based content, and creative writing. I am proficient in writing human interest stories, news based articles, blogs, write ups on health and technology, advertising and promotional pieces, SEO focused content, and any topic that catches my interest.

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The Shifting Balance of Emotional Ethics During the Time of Social Media Validation

For individuals, social media offers a platform to showcase their feelings, emotions, achievements, or even a thought. It has tapped on the basic human instinct of validation, which come in the forms of appreciation, comments, and a series of emoticons. But the craving for validation sometimes takes us too far from what truly makes us human – kindness and empathy even beyond the lens of the camera.
Matt Palmer

Are we Heeding Nature’s Distress Alarms?

Ever heard a faint noise at a distance, grow strong and deafening as the night progresses? It takes us by surprise how stealthily the seemingly insignificant hum becomes an unbearable clamor with time. It has been long that Nature is raising signs of subtle alarms and environmentalists are trying to get the focus of the world over climate change. But the topic has by and large received little importance beyond discussion tables of international forums. Developed and developing nations pass the b

Lurking between Hope and Fear

This journey started a decade ago. In 2010, when I first stepped on the US soil, it was never a thought to settle in a foreign land away from family and friends. It was just not the unaccustomed weather and culture but even the fruits and the veggies grown here tasted different. It seemed a lonely place, with quietness gnawing the mind, as I was habituated of the noisy milieu and hustle bustle of people around. But that icy solitude melted whenever my eyes met a stranger: on the road, in the mal

The second coronavirus wave has brought personal tragedy and collective trauma

I lost my father to Covid and certainly with him a piece of the sky overhead went missing too. But, before I could mourn his loss, the misery and desperation unfolding all around my social space dried up my tears and what followed has been a stoic numbness since then. The moment I think of my overwhelming grief, I am nudged by the conscience to see beyond, and what passes by my eyes is pain, helplessness, death, and suffering of so many that my personal sorrow is belittled. Believe me, I have no

Is the indiscreet use of technology fair in the hiring process?

A day off from technology is often a resolution we take only to break. But why has it become so difficult to survive without any Google searches for even a single day? I could not get an answer to the question until a prospective job interview came my way. It was hard to overlook how the entire selection process has been mechanized and dehumanized right from submitting applications to selecting candidates for interviews and eventually conducting the interviews. It is not hard to see how technolo

Is coding really the language of the future?

The plethora of advertising jingles and taglines playing intermittently on our television screen create needs and demands of insane proportions and we inadvertently become consumers. While the industry pushing its product is invariably the winner, consumers have to ponder whether they happen to be smart buyers or foolish hoarders. The latest idea selling like hot potato on the electronic media is the tagline ‘coding – the language of the future’. Pardon my naivety, but hearing that it rather se

The onslaught of fake news has left the fight against Covid-19 disarrayed

How many of us think twice over the veracity of an information we get through social media? Just because it is served on the social media platter we readily consume it as truth. Thanks to social media platforms that serve as kangaroo courts where allegations and concocted stories instantly become established alternate realities, the blow to truth is irreversible. A media report published in 2019 stated that one out of two Indians receives fake news through WhatsApp and Facebook. The data speaks

It is time to build a home

Found little bits of straw, twigs and cotton on the ground in your garden? Look up and you might find a “nest in the making.” "I was surprised to find little pieces of used cotton, bits of sponge and straw in the backyard of my house. And one day I saw a bird with big wings hovering above the coconut tree beside the lawn. It was then that I realised that a bird of prey, probably a kite, was building its nest and in the process unintentionally dropping the assortment of materiel. On closely ob

Celebrate the moon

Declared as the Year of Astronomy, 2009 will witness a host of celestial wonders. The year 2009 has been declared as the year of astronomy. It is marked by visibility of the elusive celestial bodies. May 21 witnessed the clearly visible Venus and Mars around the moon in the early morning sky and on June 23 Pluto was in opposition to the sun as seen from the earth. On September 17 would witness Uranus in opposition to Pluto. The 40th anniversary of the historical moon mission which saw Neil Arm

A year in the life of a magnificent Old Oak

It was there, tall and benign, the first time a family visited the house that was gearing up for sale. The realtor was busy explaining the property’s positives, hardly taking account of the cool shade the sprawling branches offered. Standing on the front yard bordering a little busy road, it has witnessed innumerable vehicles each heading a destination of its own. One day one such vehicle stopped by the house, of which it is a natural guard and claimed it as their own. While the house changed

Some days are just imperfect, but there's always a reason to smile

Have you ever woken up from a nightmare only to realise that it is time for the alarm to go? It was one such day I recently came across. Shrugging the thoughts away, and toiling to get out of bed on a cold winter day is never easy. But duty has its command over life, and no matter how much the nightmare lingers over in the memory, it finally has to recede to the background. No household is devoid of arguments and difference of opinion, but when it strikes right in the morning, it is a little ha